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Don't Lose Yourself, Sky blue, Unisex Tee

Image of Don't Lose Yourself, Sky blue, Unisex Tee


RM57 (Include postage fee within Malaysia)-
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Don't Lose Yourself
People hate being controlled but do not realize that they are controlled by their own unnecessary desire.

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Original illustration by wonderkitten

- Super Soft 30 thread count cotton.
- Lightweight.
- Tailored fit.
- And they are all BIO-WASHED!
Bio-washed fabrics are good in nature and very eco friendly! This will have smooth feel and will give a luster effect. BIO-WASHED fabric also protects our skin from acne, allergy, eczema, chronic itching, etc~

Sizes chart (measurement from armpit to armpit)
Unisex S -- 18" Inches
Unisex M -- 20" inches
Unisex L -- 22" inches
Unisex XL-- 24" inches

Orders are all shipped within 1-2 working days after payment. Free shipping on all Malaysia orders and inexpensive shipping everywhere else!

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